Tuesday, December 9, 2014

Parisot Writing Group

Fancy yourself a writer?  Think you might be, but would never be brave enough to call yourself one? Want to learn more about the craft of writing? Here's my suggestion...join a writing group! This is mine...the Parisot Writing Group. We've been meeting for two years now. Anita who has done creative writing classes at the university level organized the group and continues to facilitate it. We meet somewhere between 6-8 times a year. (Anita and some of our members are away for the winter months and July and August are filled with 'way too many other things for us to get together)

Anita usually does a brief review of a writing process each time we meet, and we also share out efforts in response to the previous month's 'homework' assignment. Sometimes we do an in-class writing exercise. We post our personal 'works in progress' via email or on our private blog and invite others in the group to read and critique our efforts. During the past two years, we've developed strong bonds of friendship and trust. Each person in the group has his or her own distinctive writing style, and it's lovely and inspiring to read each others' writing.

Last year author, Amanda Hodgkinson presented a two-day workshop for our group. She'll return again in 2015. We also spent an afternoon with author, Jacqueline Yallop who discussed plot with us. She wants to work with us again next year as well. Tracey Warr, another local author, has expressed an interest in doing a presentation for our group. We feel really lucky to have such an abundance of expertise on offer!

And are we real writers? You decide...Vanessa's first novel was published in July. Gary's crime thriller is with an agent who is working on finding a publisher. Mandy has finished her novel and is shopping for an agent. Anita's novel is completed and she will begin an agent search after the first of the year. And my novel? Languishing in 'My Documents' sadly, but I've started another one and have written several short stories. My writing group keeps me accountable and inspired!

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