Saturday, January 17, 2015

Visual Poetry

I've wanted to take a photo workshop or online class for quite a while. I haven't been able to either find what I want or afford what looks good. So when a fellow blogger and Facebook friend, Virginia Kelser Jones, mentioned this book, Visual Poetry, on her FB page, I was intrigued. I researched it a bit on Amazon (love that you can flip through the first few pages) and also went to Chris Orwig's websites: his personal one and the one he's set up as a companion to the book. I really liked what I saw, so I purchased the book. I've read the first four chapters twice! The content is very rich and draws comparisons between a poem and a visualizing arresting photograph. There is some technical stuff...f/stop, ISO, focal length, lens use, etc. but not so much to make it difficult. Chris has a relaxed, uncomplicated style. I like that.

I read chapter 5 yesterday. This is where the nitty-gritty of the book starts with assignments and projects to complete. This chapter is all about portrait photography. Quel horreur! I don't 'do' people. If you're a regular reader of my blog, you already know that I post very few people pictures.  There are probably many reasons for this, but the two main ones are that I'm shy about asking people if I can take their photo and that I hate having my picture taken, so I assume everyone else does, too! Last night I watched an Annie Leibovitz documentary that Chris recommended and visited a couple of websites of other famous portrait photographers. But Chris asks that I do what makes me uncomfortable...take people pictures. . Guess I've put off the inevitable as long as I can. It's time...

Any volunteers for a portrait shoot??

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