Friday, February 20, 2015


Arcades enclosing Place Nationale
Yesterday morning I accompanied a friend to Montauban, a small city lying a little over an hour southwest of Cadrieu. After her brief appointment, we explored the heart of the old city. While Montauban was established in 1144, the photo you see here is from the 17th century Place Nationale. The old city is built mainly from this distinctive pink brick which just glowed in yesterday's sun. The square was stunning!
Place Nationale
After a hearty lunch of tartiflette...potatoes, onions, lardons baked in a cream sauce topped with reblochon cheese...we continued our wanderings eventually ending up at the Musee Ingres which showcases the work of two of Montauban's most famous native sons--artist, Jean Ingres and sculptor, Antoine Bourdelle. A visit to the museum will have to wait for another day, but here's a sample of the Bourdelle sculpture that graces the cobbled courtyard of the museum....

Today Montauban is mainly a commerical agricultural center, but in its past, it was a hotbed of religious uproar. More about that in my next blog post. And oh yes, it was the hiding place of a very famous lady! Can you guess what her name is?

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  1. Love all your beautiful photos...I do hope to get to France one's on the list. Thanks for stopping by my blog!