Friday, April 10, 2015

Changing Perspective

Occasionally it's good to change your perspective. Especially after a long winter of being stuck inside with only my own thoughts and Lucie to keep me company. So, this morning I physically changed my perspective by driving across the river and up on the causse. That's my house down there. No, not the big one in the middle...that's the Chateau. I'm the little one on the right in front of it with the red tile pointy roof. I took this photo from the site where the parapentists take off. Don't ask about crawling under the farmer's electric fence to get there!. When the guys are sailing out over the Lot River, this is their perspective. Today it was mine, too.

This photo was taken from my upstairs window. That bare stretch across the horizon is where I was standing. Two perspectives, one isn't necessarily better than the other...just different!


  1. Wow I love both views....I totally agree that a change of perspective is always a good thing!

  2. Super view of your village, worth the crawl under the fence!