Monday, May 4, 2015

Happy Birthday, Jean!

Our friend, Jean, had a special birthday this past winter during her stay in England. You of those that ends in a zero. So we decided we needed to celebrate her when she returned to Cadrieu this spring. Yesterday 10 of us gathered on Greg's terrace to wish her bon anniversaire. Everyone brought a platter of 'apero food'...deviled eggs, phyllo pastry stuffed with mushrooms, another stuffed with black pudding, toasts topped with smoked salmon or tuna, cheese crepes. Greg made spring rolls. There was lots of champagne, an impromptu rose wine tasting and of course, pastis for the men. Rhubarb tart with ice cream and citron shortbread ended the afternoon on a sweet note followed by coffee and armagnac. Anytime there was a lull in the conversation, someone burst into another round of "Happy Birthday" sung in both English and French We toasted Jean at least six times during the afternoon. Give you any idea of how much wine we drank???
Jean, our birthday girl

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  1. Happy Birthday to Jean , I remember her from my trip and the meal we had with her. I am so happy to read that Jean is still living there. Can you say hello for me . Sounds like you had a wonderful time celebrating.