Sunday, June 7, 2015

Messy or Neat?

This weekend is Open Gardens weekend in France. Professional and amateur gardeners alike open their gates to the public for a peek into their gardens. Yesterday Maggie, Bill and I visited four gardens in Villefranche. The French are avid gardeners, and most French gardens area combination of flowers and vegetables.In France, food always takes center stage...even in the garden. Despite the hot afternoon sun, strolling down the tiny ruelle along the Aveyron River was a pleasant way to access each garden.
This garden was not on the tour, but we peered over the fence to have a look at it. A very formal center surrounded by plots of veg...
Maggie and I decided that although this neat and tidy garden is lovely, we prefer the messy variety...plants growing wild and intermingled, rows of vegetables tucked in between overflowing beds of blooms and plants (or weeds, in one case!) grown simply because the gardener loves the color and texture of the leaves or its pretty flowers
What's your preference...messy or neat?

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