Monday, June 22, 2015

Music Everywhere!

The summer solstice is celebrated all across France with music. Big cities, small towns and tiny villages...all host music festivals. This year Cajarc held a really big event. There was non-stop music in three different venues in and around the church. Over 30 groups...singers and musicians...performed throughout the afternoon. The Cajarc brass band marched 'round the town entertaining folks enjoying a cool beverage outside at the PMU, Le President, and La Pause.
When we arrived, there was a small rock band playing in front of the Mairie, a pair of guitarists entertaining the audience with some great Django Rinehardt jazz in the square in front of the church, while inside a group of strings was playing classical music.

Channeling Django
I sing with a small group of women which was invited to participate. We sang before our biggest crowd ever...70 or 80 people inside the church. Our repertoire included some pieces of world sacred music, some French favorites from everyone's childhood and even a song for the Anglophones in the audience...'Swing Low, Sweet Chariot!' But our afternoon of music didn't end in Cajarc. There's more to follow....

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  1. Wow, this looks fantastic, Evelyn! Great crowd too. Congratulations on the performance! (Also looking forward very much to meeting you in October!)