Sunday, July 5, 2015

Sunday Color: Dawn

We're in the midst of a canicule here in France. A heatwave! Temperature highs have been in the 90's for a week and are predicted to stay there through next week. We've hit 100 degrees a couple of days already. This is a lot of hot for us. I spend the day opening and closing shutters and windows and turning ceiling fans and my portable fan on and off. It stays pretty reasonable, even at night. And if it becomes really unbearable, I can always take a dip in the river.

Because of the heat, Lucie and I have been up and walking early. It's cooler and the air is fresher. And the early morning sky is beautiful. Plus at 6 AM not many people are out and about, so I can walk in baggy shorts and a ratty tee shirt. The crows who keep me company don't mind at all!

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