Wednesday, August 5, 2015

Butterfly Bush

I've brought home many baby buddleia plants from Laury's house. They grow literally like weeds around here. It's not uncommon to see baby plants poking up between the rocks in a stone wall or in cracks in the pavement. I've had good luck getting them to grow around my house where nothing else does very well. The joy of having them is that their blooms attracts all types of butterflies and bees. These two were sampling the flower nectar right outside my window. I loved the iridescent blue thumbprint each wears on the underside of their wings. The down side to buddleia plants is that they grow almost too well! They're threatening to take over  the windows they're planted by and if left to grow, they would also top the roof! As soon as they stop blooming, they are all getting drastic haircuts!

1 comment:

  1. Hi , I have a few Buddleia , love them and so good for the wildlife. Mine do grow to great heights but just prune them once a year.