Monday, August 31, 2015

Sunrise....Moon Set

Lucie and I got into the habit of walking early this summer to avoid the heat. In truth, I prefer early, even before a cup of coffee. So, we began our day by walking at 6 AM; now, though, it's not quite light enough to be out until after 6:30 AM. Besides avoiding the heat of day, there are other benefits to walking early. The village is pretty much still asleep. I don't see many people, so I feel okay about being a bit raggedy and without makeup. Mostly, I run into the garbage collection guys. What a happy lot they are so early in the morning! Always laughing amongst themselves, always a big smiley 'bonjour!' for Lucie and me. 
Sunrise over the causse
Here's another good reason to walk early...sunrise.
Moon set over the cemetery gates
My friends still think it's crazy to be up walking so early....
Sunrise....moon set
What do you think?

I took these photos on our walk this morning. As we made our circuit around the village, I was reminded of the Navajo prayer, 'In Beauty May I Walk'.  It was definitely a beauty walk morning!

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