Friday, August 28, 2015

Working Hard!

Ann and Anita on the preau
Ann, Anita and I met yesterday afternoon at Anita's lovely restored schoolhouse in Mazerolles. It was an afternoon of hard work dedicated to critiquing our writing. We sweated over point-of-view, grammar, description, plot structure and flow. It was exhausting!

But first...this being France....we, of course, had to eat! A lovely meal of cold melon soup, scallops cooked in creme fraiche and parmesan cheese spiced with curry dolloped on apple slices, a yummy onion tart accompanied by sliced tomatoes dressed with balsamic vinegar, chunks of bread served with the cheese plate and yummy figs stuffed with a herb-laced soft cheese. Oh yes...and a chilled rose. Working hard in France is such a pleasure!!

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