Monday, September 14, 2015

Full of Questions

Today I'm sharing my favorite photo from last Friday's trip to the exhibit in Montsales. While I love colorful photos full of interesting images, this black and white photo by Yves Machatschek caught my eye and my imagination like none of the others did. First reason...I love black and white photography. But more than that I love a photo that makes me think. This one certainly makes me ask several questions...all of which tell a story.

The story centers around the sign at the top of the stairs. It advertises a girly show. 'Interdit aux mineurs' means minors are forbidden to enter. Under the drawing of the scantily-clad blonde are photographers of equally scantily-clad young women who are part of the show inside.

Here are my questions: Who is the stern-looking woman next to the sign? Is she the madame who runs the show and takes care of the girls? Is she a town matron there to fetch her husband or her son home? Or maybe she's part of a morality delegation come to protest the performances inside? Could she be the mother of the forlorn little girl sitting on the curb?

And who is that little girl? Is her daddy inside taking a peek while she waits patiently? I hope that not-nice-looking woman isn't her mother; the child looks as if she needs a hug, not a hard look. Or perhaps the little girl's mother is one of the young women who is part of the peep-show? With bows in her hair and snowy white knee socks, the child looks well-cared for whoever she belongs to...even if she doesn't look very happy.

Lots of stories could be told about this photo. Do you have one?

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