Saturday, October 3, 2015

First Things First

After an easy flight to Venice and settling into our cozy apartment, we went shopping for supplies. Dinner, yes, but first things first...we must decide on wine! We stocked up on prosecco and Aperol for spritz aperitifs, a bottle of red and one of white. We were set for one night at least.

Our local grocery store was a three minute walk from our apartment along this little canal. When's the last time you took a photo of your trip to buy groceries? Everywhere you look in Venice there's another photo op!
After dropping off our purchases at home, we continued to wander....
Somehow they all seem to maneuver without crashing in to one another....
Everything took on a glow as the sun went down. Our next destination was the Peggy Guggenheim house in Dorsoduro. Our evening's adventure there will be my next post.

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