Monday, December 21, 2015

Murder in Mazerolles

Disclaimer: This is not a Christmas story. Be forewarned that there is blood and violence involved!
There was murder in Mazerolles Saturday afternoon! This normally peaceful and picturesque village was shocked as gunshots rang out and reverberated across the valley towards Najac. The cause of this violence was the unexpected presence of three intruders marauding through the quiet village. Dogs were set a-barking in alarm. Two of the terrorists met their demise at the hands of a village marksman in the high village where they were hiding. The third escaped and tore along the tiny ruelles attempting to avoid a similar fate. He forced his way into an enclosed courtyard through an iron gate....

but there was no escape! He was efficiently dispatched as he cowered beneath the garden's banana tree. His lifeless body was dragged across the stone to cold storage leaving evidence of his execution behind.
The villagers breathed a sigh of relief. There was mixed reaction, though, to the swift hand of justice. Women and children once again felt safe, but some questioned the need for the capital punishment meted out. The names of the marauders were not released, however you can learn their identity by clicking on this link, and read the story of the murders on Facebook at the Mazerolles City Fan Club page where you'll also find a photo of one of the terrorists!

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