Monday, January 11, 2016

Very Early!

I didn't hold out much hope for a snowdrop adventure this morning. It's been raining and cloudy for the past two weeks, and this morning was no exception. I took my camera with me to church, though, just in case. And voila! the skies cleared and the sun came out halfway through our home church worship. After coffee and treats,  I headed up the Bonnette Valley where the catkins are already dripping and the waterfall is rushing...

I've checked my photo archives to confirm just how early this year's snowdrops are. It was Feb.11th last year when I made this same trip to photograph snowdrops at the Abbaye Beaulieu. They're a whole month earlier this year due to our mild winter weather. I hope the pretty catkins and other flowers starting to peek up out of the cold soil aren't being foolhardy. We could still have some really cold weather. After all, it's only early January!

I turned up out of the valley and cut over to Parisot. Then followed the Seye River downstream to the Abbaye.The snowdrops there did not disappoint! They are everywhere, plentiful, like a gorgeous white carpet laid out to brighten a winter-weary soul. Their beauty is hard to capture with the camera. You really need to see them in person. They are truly a gift.

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