Thursday, January 28, 2016

Virtual Assistant

Today I'm sharing the new business venture of a friend, Patty Manwaring. Patty's created the perfect business for herself...and hopefully for you!...combining her creativity and attention to detail with her awesome tech skills. Virtual Assistant brings them to you for both business and personal matters from helping with website and social media presence to sending hand-written thank you notes and planning your vacation travel itinerary. Patty works with authors, for example, who are trying to build their online presence with readers via Facebook, Instagram, etc. by relieving them of the time-consuming demands for frequent posting. I have some friends who just returned from a two-month vacation in Australia that could certainly have used Patty's assistance in planning and coordinating their complicated travel plans. Interested? check out Patty's user-friendly and informative website: Virtual Assistant. The beauty of it is since it's virtual, she can work with you anywhere in the world!

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