Thursday, March 17, 2016

TBT: New York Public Library

Buffalo hunting in Yellowstone
Date unknown
A Facebook friend shared a post today from the New York Public Library about hundreds of public domain images that have recently been digitalized and placed on their website. Being in the public domain, they can all be used now free of charge and without worrying about copyright infringement. Because I love photographs and images of all kinds, I had to check it out. And yes, I spent 'way too much time this morning looking through the offerings. It was like wandering through Wonderland!

This image shows buffalo hunting in Yellowstone National Park. The photographs, the Cosmopolitan Series, were done for use in an old-fashioned stereoscope, a device designed using two images to allow the viewer to see a single three-dimensional image.

Interested in old photos, drawings, maps, or manuscripts? Check out the New York Public Library's digital image collection. It's fascinating!

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