Friday, April 8, 2016

All Aboard!

You may remember when I first moved here to Cadrieu I referred to my house as the Little Train House. It was originally one of many (mine is #434) built along the train tracks that run between Cahors and Decazeville. Originally the trains on this track hauled coal from the Decazeville mines; more recently they took passengers in these cars along the same route. Small houses like mine were built at every level crossing...where the tracks crossed a road. The men who lived in the houses were expected to control the crossing and keep the tracks clear.

The last passenger train ran a few years before my first visit to the Lot in 2009. The tracks are now over-grown and unused, so imagine my surprise when I spotted this train car sitting on the tracks just before I got to Cajarc this morning! She's pretty beat up, this old girl, but I can't help imagining how cool she'd be restored and turned into maybe a coffee house or a wine bar or how about a used book store that could travel the tracks to each village and make a shopping stop...kind of like the bookmobiles of my childhood.
It would have been fun to explore inside, but this prominently posted sign warned me off: Asian hornets' nests...honey bee killers!
I was intrigued by the coupling plates, switches and hydraulic hoses on each end of the car.
No fear of getting run over by this speeding train. Barely speed is 40 Km/hour.
Tracks behind my house. You can tell 'that train don't run by here no more!'

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