Thursday, April 28, 2016

Colorful Quilts

I found the best way for me to photograph the gorgeous quilts on display at Laguepie was up close and personal. I loved this modern, abstract design in black and white.
This more traditional pattern is lovely in its jewel-like colors. It looks like a variation of an old pattern called Square Deal.
The graduated colors of this quilt really add to its basket weave effect. The pink hands floating in front of the quilt are part of a mobile honoring victims of the Paris and Brussels attacks.
A bed-size basket pattern quilt.
These two quilts were hanging side by side....same pattern in different colors. Do you like one 
better than the other? I'm partial to the one done in blues, green and golds. The patterned squares are peacock feathers!

An addition to yesterday's post. Sue tells me that Starpatch is made up of women from not only France and the UK, but also Belgium, Canada and Australia...a truly international group!

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