Wednesday, April 27, 2016

Patchwork, Please!

Patchwork Exposition
Salles des Fetes
Welcome to the quilt show! My friend, Sue, is a member of Starpatch, a group of French and English quilters who hold a biannual quilt exposition in the Salles des Fetes in Laguepie. I made the journey this morning to see their work. It was market morning in town, so there was lots of activity and several people admiring the quilts on display. The quilts were beautiful, and the workmanship was exquisite. I've done a little patchwork myself, so I appreciate how difficult and precise piecing and quilting are. Here are three of Sue's pieces on display....
The photos truly don't do justice to the work. The triptych in blue was especially hard to shoot as it's hung in front of a window and the lighting was very tricky. Great work, Sue! Are you inspired? Happy stitching!

I'll share more quilts that caught my eye in my next blog post


  1. How kind of you Evelyn - glad you enjoyed the expo

  2. must add to this the members of Starpatch would claim to be French, Belgian, English, Scottish, and Canadian ( not to mention the one who considers herself mostly Australian)