Sunday, July 10, 2016

Open Doors

Yesterday was 'portes ouvertes' or open doors at the Chateau. From this spectator's point of view, it was a smashing success! The doors opened at 3 PM and there was a steady stream of visitors all afternoon and evening. I can't remember a time when I've enjoyed fun and games and music more!
Open doors at the Chateau was this young woman's brilliant idea. Forming an association of 'friends of the Chateau, Jade has set in motion events to restore and preserve Cadrieu's 'castle.' She and her friends did a magnificent job welcoming visitors and entertaining them with both the Chateau of old and today's version of life in the castle.
A stage with sound and lights was set up at one end of the Chateau's courtyard.
The program of events was posted just inside the gates.
Games, tables and the bar were set up at the opposite end of the courtyard. Let's head towards the bar first. Meet me there tomorrow!

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