Tuesday, August 9, 2016

Colors of Dawn

Two words came to mind yesterday as Lucie and I made our early morning walk...colors and reflections. So after breakfast and a few morning chores, we made our way towards Cajarc, this time with my camera in hand. We walked the loop around the village garden plots that line the river. Colors were plentiful! Like these dusty pink wildflowers framed by a brilliant, blue sky. Rose, purple, buttercup yellow, pear green...
cheery orange 
iridescent turquoise and...
ripe tomato red!
But I found the colors of the dawn sky splashed across the old stone in the mariners' chapel. Soft golden orange, lemony yellow fading into pearlescent blue-gray and deep blue. All blessed by the holy water font on the wall.

Tomorrow: reflections and an odd duck.

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