Wednesday, September 7, 2016

Inspired by a Tombstone

I just spent this afternoon working on a short story I'm writing that was inspired by this headstone in the ancient village of Calvignac. My friend, Vanessa blogged about our writing group's visit to Calvignac here. She wondered about the story behind this lone tombstone perched on the edge of a cliff. Since I have a friend who lives in Calvignac, I told her I'd see if I could suss out the story. Unfortunately, it's not as romantic a tale as Vanessa imagined. It seems at one time there was an entire cemetery here next to and behind the church. One day the cliff gave way taking all the graves (and the priest's outhouse!) in a massive landslide into the river valley below. The only headstone left was this one. For years, village children playing in the valley below have unearthed various pieces of skeletons...finger and toe bones, an arm bone, a jawbone from a skull. Hope no one's unearthed the priest's privy! short story features the landslide and the missing cemetery. Funny that I've been totally uninspired the past several months to write anything at all. In fact, I've wondered if maybe I'd had a stroke that destroyed the creativity part of my brain and didn't know it! Wonder of wonders...the past two weeks I've written three short stories and a short poem. Guess my Muse has just been on vacation. She's back!

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