Friday, October 28, 2016

A Dangling Conversation

Walking with my camera this foggy, fall morning, I spied an apple dangling from a neighbor's tree. Which, of course, reminded me of a 'dangling conversation' and Simon & Garfunkel. Yes, my mind works in mysterious ways! Here's what resulted:
Ode to Simon & Garfunkel

Our dangling conversation
seeking the bridge over troubled water.
From my rock to your island,
from harsh words to the loving sound of silence.
Old friends in danger of
slip, sliding away.
Slow down, you move too fast!
Let this morning last
Let love last
Let us be homeward bound,
Together once again.

I'm a little world-weary right now. Too much war, politics, refugees, earthquakes, global warming, scandal and violence. I can turn off CNN, but pretending it isn't there doesn't make the world go away. Maybe the best I can do today is sip a mug of hot tea and write poetry while humming along to the  '59th Street Bridge' song. And think warm thoughts of family and friends.

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