Thursday, November 24, 2016

A Birthday Bash

Chambre d'hotes de la Bastide de Najac
On Tuesday night there was a special celebration in the little village of Najac, deep in the Aveyron.  Bob, one of our fellow writers in the Parisot Writing Group, turned 80 and hosted a birthday bash for all of us at a local restaurant. Twenty-two friends and family gathered to wish Bob well for his next 80 years. It was an evening full of fun, food and drink. Living over an hour away, I knew that there was no way I wanted to drive home after all that celebrating, so I booked a bed-and-breakfast room here. Gorgeous room, lovely host and the view out the front door was terrific....
I've been to Najac several times, but never off-season. I was amazed to find it so colorful and so empty of tourists! I'll be sharing a few of my discoveries later, but here's a taste of color in a photo taken just beyond the church and overlooking the valley below the village.

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