Thursday, December 8, 2016

Riverfront Walk

Plan d'eau
The Lot
Despite the sunshine and brilliant blue skies, the air was a bit brisk when Lucie and I went into Cajarc this morning. I wanted to check out Madame Borzo's Christmas window and I knew Lucie wouldn't object to a second walk..we'd already done our loop around Cadrieu. It's always pleasant to walk here along the riverfront of the old faubourg. 
The Lot looking downstream
We basked in the sun for a few minutes, then continued our stroll.I don't come here often in the summer; there are just too many people. I like it best on days like today...empty and peaceful! As we walked downstream, I noticed that the town has done a bit of work along the riverbank. There were several newly-built protrusions into the river. Between them, the bank has been landscaped with what looks like sticks, but which I'm sure are shrubs that will leaf out next summer. Not my area of expertise, but I'm thinking this may be a way to prevent erosion of the riverbank and protect the plane trees?
I'm looking forward to coming back next spring and seeing what things look like.

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