Saturday, January 21, 2017

On Strike!

I had coffee yesterday morning with some of my Parisot Writer's Group friends here at Anita and Richard's lovely converted school house. We chatted about books, writing, personal news, and eventually the topic turned to politics. I announced that I was 'on strike;' they all immediately knew that meant I was boycotting the inauguration. (which I did, which I am!) Then Tracey told us about a group of people, French and Brit ex-pats, who were hanging an effigy of Donald Trump in her tiny town of Laguepie last night in protest of the Trump presidency. Find Laguepie on Google maps, folks. Like my village, it's here deep in the middle-of-nowhere France. It's not populated by Left Coast Liberals, Eastern Elites or even rascally big city student protesters. This is rural France, far from the big cities. These are people who are genuinely frightened by what Trump's foreign policy might mean to them and who are genuinely appalled by his cruel, disrespectful and divisive rhetoric. If you think the whole world isn't watching America and shaking its head in horror and disbelief, you're wrong. The negative vibrations are felt even here.

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