Wednesday, January 4, 2017


We laid our friend, Jean-Paul to rest this afternoon. At least 200 people packed our little village church that holds 75 worshipers on a good day. They were literally standing 2 and 3 deep in the aisle and entry; several people clustered outside the open doors to listen to the Mass that sent Jean-Paul to his eternal rest. The family spoke, there was lovely music, tons of flowers, some tears and a few chuckles as people remembered JP's quirky sense of humor and love of les petites blagues...little jokes. Mourners left the church and lined the pathway as the casket was carried out and placed in the funeral van. Then the procession formed walking behind and following the slow-moving cortege to the cemetery. The priest said a few words; those who wanted do blessed the casket with holy water before walking up the hill to the Salle des Fetes for a reception hosted by the family. Cloudy, 35 F, trees high on the hillside frosted with last night's frozen fog...a cold, sad day full of warm memories of a special friend.

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