Saturday, February 18, 2017

Preoccupied Lately

I've been a bit preoccupied the past few days. I've been immersed in getting my new HP Chromebook up and running! I loved my old Asus netbook, but she's a 2008 model and getting to be an old lady. First, Windows decided not to support her XP operating system which I'd kept because it was so user-friendly. I reasoned I'd just keep on with it since upgrading to Windows 10 was too pricey for an old computer. Then a few weeks ago I started receiving a message that my Chrome browser was out of date and I should update that. My poor old girl had been running slower and slower; some pages took forever to open. Pages frequently became unresponsive while I was using them, and I could only have 2 windows open at a time. With a sigh, I concluded it was finally time.

After a lot of research I purchased this HP Chromebook with a 14-inch screen. I thought that since I already use Gmail and a Chrome browser, it would be relatively easy to make the switch. I was right. The transition has been pretty smooth overall. I'm still struggling to get my printer and the Chromebook to talk to one another, but I think that's the printer's fault. It's different using the cloud for photo and file storage, but that's something I'll get used to. So far, I'm thrilled with how fast it is. I love its larger, brighter screen and better quality sound.  The only thing I don't particularly like about it is the's a bit too 'girly' for my taste, but this model with the larger screen only came in this color. I'll learn to live with it. I've retired my old Asus; she's had a long run and it's time to rest. Using this new Chromebook is really an unexpected pleasure!

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