Wednesday, May 31, 2017

French Mailboxes

I posted a photo on Facebook earlier this week of an American mailbox that Maggie and I saw on our backwoods walk Monday morning. It prompted a comment by a friend who asked what French mailboxes look like. Today's post is in answer to that question. This is the mailbox outside the gates to the Chateau. In the spirit of full disclosure...not all French mailboxes are this pretty!
This is the front and back of mine. The green and red sticker tells the post lady that I don't want the advertising circulars. I can open it from inside the gate which is especially nice when it's raining...I don't get wet.
Patrick's mailbox. The gray capped PVC pipe is for his morning baguette delivery straight from the bakery in Cajarc.
A selection of other boxes that Lucie and I pass every day on our morning walk. The boxes themselves are pretty plain, but their settings are beautiful!
And finally...this is the box to post letters. It's on the wall of the Mairie. La Poste, the national mail service, uses yellow and dark blue as its colors. Mail trucks are yellow with dark blue lettering.
The American mailbox that started it all.

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