Tuesday, June 6, 2017

Work in Progress

Last Sunday Maggie and Bill invited me come along on an 'open gardens' adventure. Our destination was Chateau de Bournazel in the Aveyron. While fascinating in its own right, we didn't visit the Chateau itself; what we wanted to see this day was the Renaissance garden. Check out this video for a brief overview in English of the Chateau. A visit will definitely be a future goal!
Last year the first phase of the garden was completed which included this large pond and nine parterres, square garden plots, planted with shrubs, flowers, and trees symbolic of the stages of a Renaissance prince's life and education.
 This square anchored by a large rock feature surrounded by water and snowy white daisies symbolizes the mountains and geography necessary to be an educated man.
I love how box hedge is used to border individual planting areas. All the plants used are those that would have been present either in the wild or cultivated during the mid-to-late 1500s.
This square depicts the solar system and heavenly bodies.
There is the beginning of a labyrinth.
This is a well dating from the time of the original garden.
There's a lot more to see, of course, and since this is only the first year of the garden, the entire site is a work in progress. A visit every year will reveal even more of its beauty as the entire plan is completed. In the meantime, have a look at this video about building the garden from the Chateau's website (in French, but with English subtitles.)

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