Sunday, July 30, 2017

Birds in the Bedroom

I'm  almost embarrassed to admit where I found this little bird's nest with its two unhatched eggs.
It was here on top of the drapes/curtain pole in my back bedroom!

I keep these French doors that lead onto a tiny Juliet balcony open pretty much all summer. I get the occasional bat, but they don't bother me. They do bother Lucie, tho, and I can always tell when one flies in. She refuses to go into the room and sits by my feet staring at me intently until I take care of the problem. Evidently birds don't  frighten her.

I did close these doors a couple of times early on this summer during some cool, rainy days and nights. It's true I saw a bird flying around upstairs once, but I didn't think much of it. It flew out and I shut the doors. When the same thing happened a few days later,  I became suspicious. That's when I saw the nest. I left it thinking that maybe Mama Bird would continue to sit and the eggs would hatch. I must have shut her out of the room too long for the eggs to remain viable. She finally gave up and left for good. Today I removed her nest.

Birds in the bedroom no more. A sad, but true tale.

Wednesday, July 5, 2017

How I Spent the 4th

No surprise....the 4th of July is a non-starter here in France. The only thing special about was the Tuesday of the last week of school for French children. No fireworks, no parades, no waving American flags. So how did I spend my 4th? Here in Calvignac.

My friend, Elizabeth lives here. Among other things, she's a massage therapist and I had an afternoon appointment. Couldn't have been a prettier day. The views are lovely from the village. A pastoral valley in one direction...
And from the other side of the village...
What the heck is that?
It's an art installation; a scanner code which is part of the annual art-along-the-Lot project put on by the Center of Contemporary Art (Georges Pompidou) in Cajarc. This year's exposition is called "Co-mutations" and seeks to marry technology with nature.
There were three installations on the edge of the village. Entitled "Ciel-Nuages-Terre" (Sky-Clouds-Earth) the pieces of an old farm plow draped with cloud-like cotton atop a huge flat rock shimmered against the brilliant blue sky. Not something I'd put in my garden, but interesting.
Thru the ancient arch into the village to Elizabeth's house where I spent a delightful afternoon being pampered, sipping a verveine tisane and enjoying a nice chat in French.

Fireworks will have to wait until Quatorze Juillet, the French national holiday on 14 July.