Monday, October 30, 2017

Artifacts of Prehistory

Mesolithic knives and scrapers found in Ireland
I'm fascinated by the artifacts of prehistory. Bob and I spent hours in the Yellowstone backcountry searching for arrowheads, scrapers, and flakes that gave evidence of the presence of prehistoric Native Americans in the areas we patrolled. Seeing those same kinds of stone artifacts in the National Museum of Ireland Archaeology was equally intriguing. Thousands of miles separated these early peoples, yet both fashioned tools and weapons in the same way.
Decorated flint mace head, Co Meath
This beautifully decorated flint mace head found in Co Meath may have served a ritual purpose.
Bronze Age spear points

Bronze Age food vessel found in burial tomb

Sometime during the Bronze Age early Irish people began to cremate their dead and put the ashes in pottery containers that were placed in stone burial tombs. These lidded vessels were filled with food or ashes.
Model of burial tomb
Dolmens that we see today in France may be what has survived of tombs like this model of a prehistoric Irish megaltihic tombs

As fascinating as these artifacts are, the real show-stoppers are to come in a later post. Here's a taste to tempt you back...

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