Thursday, October 19, 2017

Checking in from Home...

Kilmurvy House
Inis Mor
Checking in from home in Cadrieu. I arrived here at 6 PM last evening after a 2 hr. uneventful flight from Dublin. Wish I had some exciting travel horror stories to share, but this trip was smooth as silk. The only slight glitch was the hurricane that swept over Ireland on Monday. Even that meant just spending the day inside at my hotel...not a problem at all.

I'm missing my time in Ireland as well as the new friends I made there during our writing retreat, Writing on the Wild Edges of the World.  Our week's stay here at Kilmurvy House on Inis Mor was a delight....
as were walks along the shoreline
and treks past fields dotted with contented cows and wonderful dry stone walls.
Dun Aengus
It's hard to complain when you have a prehistoric hill fort just a short hike out the backdoor as well. Dun Aengus' story, though, is for another day....

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