Thursday, October 26, 2017


La Collegiate Saint-Martin
There will be more stories from this month's trip to Ireland, but first a tiny diversion to yesterday's adventure with friends, Maggie and Bill. They always find such interesting places to visit! Yesterday we were in Monpezet-de-Quercy, a small town about an hour's drive from my house. The town looks charming, but our goal was this 14th century church that houses some stunning 16th century tapestries.

The newly-restored tapestries are hung around the walls of the chancel. There are five panels each measuring about 6 x 16 feet; in total spanning 78 feet of wall space. They depict the life of St. Martin of Tours, an important French saint. It's unknown exactly who wove the panels or where they were produced, but it's thought they are Flemish.
They are absolutely stunning!

We rounded out our morning with a stop at Domaine du Gabachou to pick up some boxed wine and then enjoyed a scrumptious lunch at Le-Gabachou, a restaurant just up the road from the winery. It was a lovely way to spend a perfect fall day.

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