Friday, January 5, 2018

52 Weeks

A friend posted a link on Facebook last month to the 52 Weeks photo challenge. Each week the photographer is challenged to create a photo in one of five categories: Vision, Composition, Technical, Creative or Wild Card. This week's theme is Vision, and the challenge is to look ahead to the new year, new beginnings, new you, etc. I've had most of the week to think about what I'd shoot as it's been too rainy to get outside. It wasn't until this morning, though, that I came up with the idea to use a ladder as a symbol for this new beginning.

Let me explain my reasoning: looking ahead to this new year, I've dreamed some dreams and come up with some challenges for myself to raise the bar in 2018. And just how do I do that? Not by sitting still and waiting for things to happen. I have to actively DO raise a ladder to climb from here to where my dreams might be. So putting one of these ladders in place is the start of a new beginning for me!

What was the photography lesson I learned this week? I had no idea where I might find a ladder. As Lucie and I made our regular morning walk today, I kept my eyes open and sure enough, I found several ladders along our route. Ladders that I'd never noticed before! Lesson learned: Keep your eyes open, You never know what you might see.

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