Monday, January 1, 2018

Into 2018

A friend remarked in a recent email that she hoped all was well with me as she hadn't seen any blog posts in awhile. Which made me realize just how much I've neglected my blog this year! I've written about some of the year's highlights...trips to Ireland and London...but not much else. Just kind of lost my enthusiasm, I guess.

The new year brings new beginnings and as Benedict of Nursia taught....'always we begin again.' So 2018 begins with the resolution to push through the gates and cross the threshold into new possibilities and new adventures this year, to step into the challenge and make 2018 great. To not wait for that to happen, but to actively engage to create goodness and joy and connection. Out with 2017 and its anger, despicable behaviors and divisiveness. In with 2018 and all that makes life, peace, open hearts and generous spirits.

That's my New Year resolution! What's yours??

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