Saturday, February 3, 2018


I lost my best friend yesterday. This little girl was a good and faithful companion. I feel so privileged that she chose my back door to sleep in front of back when someone abandoned her in the Iowa countryside. I was reluctant to keep her (I already had a dog and I'm not a 'little dog' person...or so I thought), but the vet said she was healthy, estimated her age at a year or year and a half, and said she was a very nice dog. So she stayed. I've been blessed with her perky presence ever since!

She lived a good life. After all, how many doggies get to fly across the ocean and live in France? She loved everyone she met, but especially she loved children. She was calm and easy except when it was dinnertime or she saw the leash in my hand. Then it was a frantic jump-and-twirl show of energy. The time had come, though, to make that tough decision about end-of-life. It's a responsibility you take on when you welcome a pet into your life, but it was still hard. She died peacefully and respectfully yesterday afternoon as I stroked her silky black head.

I'm pretty sure she's jumping and twirling in heaven this morning!


  1. I’m so sorry to hear your sad news, Lucie was a charming lady. Happy memories will gradually replace the pain of losing her. Love from Caroline and Bounty xxx